A look at RFID Technology: Shopping and Technology

We cannot think of our daily without technology. Technology has affected our lives in every possible way. The technology has advanced considerably in the 21st century and has affected a lot of sectors such as education, business, manufacturing, shopping etc. Technology in other words made our lives much more hassle free and comfortable and offered many advances such as virtual learning technology, 3D printing technology and also deep learning etc in the field of technology. If you came across this article to know about a new shopping technology called RFID tags, then you have come to the right place looking for information related to the topic. This article will take a look at the RFID technology.

A quick look at online shopping:

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A look at RFID technology: shopping and technology

RFID is a new and innovative technology that has made our lives easier and shopping experience more comfortable. This section, a look at RFID technology: shopping and technology will take a look at the concept of RFID technology and how this technology works to make your shopping experience amazing. These are discussed below in points:

  • RFID stands for radio frequency identification. And this technology is truly an amazing inventory tool which will help the retailer stores to help with building up customer base. Retailer stores such as Zara have started to check RFID technology tags in 2014 in certain locations. However, Zara plans to implement the RFID tags in all of its stores by 2016. It is to be noted that many other well know retailer stores has failed to properly implement the RFID tags, but Zara is one of the retailer stores that has implemented the RFID tags successfully through a very feasible method, that is by placing the RFID tag chips in security tags of plastic. These tags can be easily re-used since they are removed and collected at the point of sale.
  • Another retailer, Target also has announced alongside Zara that they will also consider implementing the RFID tags for some categories of products in some of the selected target stores during May. This implementation of RFID tag will later be expanded into rest of the target stores by 2016. Not only that, this retailer, target has also helped to sponsor RFID technology lab that is situated at the Auburn university in USA, where the research on improving and making RFID technology more efficient is going on.
  • The benefit of RFID technology tags is that on the certain products the RFID tags are used; they will come under more visibility to the customer. The customer, after entering the target store will appear in the inventory in the device. Customers this way will be able to check whether that certain product or item is available at the target store and whether the item is available at any other store or not. Many customers can also expect that RFID technology will definitely help out with better and efficient fulfillment of the online order which is placed at the target store for pick up. And it is to be noted that it already accounts about 15% of the purchases made at the target.com.
  • Another great thing about RFID technology is that RFID technology goes way beyond the traditional checkout lines. Also RFID technology is effectively being used as a method to increase the working efficiency and also the sales, create more job satisfaction and also customer service levels.
  • One huge benefit of the RFID technology is that customers can easily purchase their desired products at the stores which has implemented RFID technology and after purchasing online, the customers can just pick up the purchased products at the stores. By using this amazing technology, retailer stores can check what products are in stock and which products are not in stores. When a customer visits the store, the customer can be assured that whatever products were told to be in stock for purchase is in stock. The benefit for the customer is that the customer doesn’t need to wander into the store, wondering whether the certain item or product is present or not and rather look for it and wait for a certain period of time to know whether it is available or not.
  • However, if the retail store is planning to implement RFID technology, then they should and must calculate the ROI of the RFID technology before implementing. Implementing the RFID technology is a huge step and it requires a major investment to be done. And this is why you should find out, that whether implementing RFID technology at your retail store is really necessary and how it will help your retail store. Although if you do decide to implement RFID technology in the supply chain, you will be then able to see time saving and also a greater deal of accuracy in the orders when they are picked from the factory for collecting.